Display Ads

With just one phone call we give you the ability to place your ad in community newspapers across Canada. We act as the liaison between you and our member newspapers providing you with one point of contact through the processes, from booking to invoicing.

AdCanada Media

On January 1st, 2015 AdCanada Media became the sales and marketing arm, handling display ad sales, for the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association. Partnered with the Manitoba Community Newspapers Association, AdCanada Media can place your ads into any newspaper in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and across Canada.

AdCanada Media makes it quick and easy for you to place your ad in any community newspaper.

For further information please contact Nicole Nater at 306-6491405 or by email at nicole@adcanadamedia.ca

AdCanada Network Program

Looking for an easy and affordable way to extend your reach? The AdCanada Network Program allows advertisers an affordable option to advertise in over 135 community newspapers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Click here for a list of participating newspapers and pricing.

For further information please contact Nicole Nater at 306-649-1405 or by email at nicole@adcanadamedia.ca

Targeting Markets Strategically

Talk with one of our representatives about your display ad strategy. We’ll help you book the most cost-effective combination of our 65 member newspapers. We’ll also handle your order from booking to invoicing

Need more information to help you target your ads? Our powerful Market Analyzer tool will help you target your advertising messages.

AdWest Marketing New Readership Study Proves Urban Vs Rural Divide Not Just a Theory

Results from AdWest’s new study, How Geography Impacts Media Access, Usage and Consumption, confirm that there is in fact, a marked difference in media habits in urban centers greater than 50,000 population and those in smaller communities across rural Saskatchewan and Manitoba

The study, commissioned by AdWest Marketing and conducted by Totum Research Inc. is based on a sample of 750 phone interviews with people living in various sizes of communities under 50,000 population.  It confirms that several factors, most of which are less prevalent in urban markets, bind rural households more tightly to traditional media, printed local newspapers in particular.

Read more http://www.adcanadamedia.ca/2018-adwest-media-usage-study-intro

Market Analyzer

Market Analyzer is a powerful web-based application that uses data from the most current Stats Canada census to create a footprint representing each newspaper’s coverage area. Market Analyzer is a dynamic tool you can use to measure potential markets with in-depth statistical data that takes the guesswork out of your ador press release placements.

With Market Analyzer you can:

  • Search for specific towns served by member papers • Upload your own customer data files and view which newspapers cover your existing customers • Conductin-depth market penetration analysis • View and compare detailed coverage area maps for each paper • Rank markets based on any selection criteria

Display Ad Deadlines & Cancellations

To ensure placement, we must receive all materials and bookings by 10:00 AM Tuesday the week prior to publication. The same deadline applies if you need to cancel a booking. If a cancellation is received after the deadline, the client will have to pay for the space booked.