Classified Ads

Community Newspapers are an excellent, affordable medium to deliver your message.  Our member newspapers offer an excellent route into Saskatchewan households. Through our Blanket Classified Program, we offer one-stop ad placement for all of your advertising needs.

Within the classifieds section we have different advertising options at a fraction of the cost to place individual ads.   Whether you are selling a product, seeking employees, selling a business or have land for sale, classifieds are a proven way of getting your message out.

Blanket Classifieds are distributed in 12 Provinces and Territories within 475 community newspapers that have a combined circulation of over 4,400,000.

In Saskatchewan your ad will appear in 59 community newspapers, which reach over 450 communities including 14 cities and have a combined circulation of over 370,000!

Zone Ads

Zone Classifieds are a cost effective marketing solution for those who want to target a certain market, rather then the province as a whole.

 We’ve broken the province up into four zones – Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. Each zone contains up to 12 papers and allows you to advertise in the area where your customers are.

Click here for a list of our zones and participating newspapers.

Blanket Classified

  • Up to 25 words will appear in 57 Saskatchewan papers for only $209 plus GST
  • $86 for one zone
  • $123 for two zones
  • Additional words are $5 each (In Saskatchewan)
  • Buy 3 ads, within 3 months and receive the 4th ad free.
  • Ads must be prepaid by Visa or MasterCard


Both low cost and flexible, Power-Builders are designed to capture attention, ideal for short call-to-action messaging and brand awareness making it easy to gauge consumer response. Power-Builders allow you to present your ad in bold typeface, highlighting relevant information such as your company name, website, or phone number in 11-point type and add a company logo or small image.

  • Will appear in 57 Saskatchewan papers
  • $309 plus GST for full coverage in Saskatchewan
  • $150 for one zone
  • $225 for two zones
  • Prices based on 45 agate lines (1.2″ wide x 3.25 height), 10 agates (0.75 for logo). Formatted with logo incorporated
  • Buy 3 ads, within 3 months and receive the 4th ad free.
  • Ads must be prepaid by Visa or MasterCard

Network Ads

Our 2×2 and 2×4 Network program help to make small space advertising more affordable, while providing high readership numbers.

  • Will appear in 55 Saskatchewan papers
  • $1,195.00 for a 2×2 (3″ w x 2″ h)
  • $1,695.00 for a 2×4 (3″ w x 4″ h)
  • Black and white only
  • Saskatchewan product only
  • Buy 3 ads, within 3 months and receive the 4th ad free.
  • Ads must be prepaid by Visa or MasterCard


  • Ads start on Monday’s and run until the following Sunday, appearing once in each of the papers during that time.
  • Deadline is twelve noon on Wednesday, for publication starting the following Monday (deadlines subject to change due to holidays)
  • All ads must be prepaid and we accept Visa, Master Card or Cheque

How To Place My Ad


Click here to book your province wide ad online!

Click here to book your ad into one or two of our zones!


Click here to email us with details and let us get back to you with pricing


Place your order through an SWNA member newspaper, or call our Blanket Classified Ad Coordinator to book your ad 306.649.1405.

Provincial Classified Rates


Province Members Circulation  Cost/25 words Extra Word Cost
Saskatchewan 57 370,173 $209 $5
British Columbia 98 1,215,141 $395 $9
Alberta & NWT 102 715,000 $269 $8
Manitoba 48 413,596 $189 $5
Ontario 108 1,027,492 $439 $6
Atlantic 33 185,000 $200 $5
Quebec (English) 27 498,000 $240 $6
Quebec (French) 131 4,442,753 $986 n/a

Please Note: To protect the readers of Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers, it is policy of SWNA not to accept any ad where the only contact information is an account hosted by email providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail. Detailed company information must be provided in either the classified ad or to SWNA head office to authenticate the legitimacy of the business in question.

Blanket Advertising Conditions

1. Advertisements and statements contained in participating member newspapers are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association (the Association) does not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements

2. The Association is not an agent for and has not verified those advertisers whose goods or services are displayed or reproduced nor for the availability, suitability or prices of such goods and Services in the advertisements

3. The Association disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to products and services mentioned in the advertisements including all implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose

4. The Association expressly reserves the right to edit, categorize, classify, revise, reject, omit, discontinue or to decline any advertisement in the sole discretion of the Association. The intent of the Association is to uphold the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and legality, and therefore the Association may, in its sole discretion, contact the advertiser for clarification of any advertisement that compromises this intent.

5. The Association, and any participating member newspapers, expressly reserves the right to reject any advertisement which does not comply with advertising standards, which are set in the sole discretion of the Association and the participating member newspapers, and may be amended from time to time without notice. Failure to comply with advertising standards may include, without limitation, the following

  1. Any advertisement that requests money prior to delivery of a product or service.
  2. Any advertisement that requests money in exchange for information about a product or service.
  3. Any advertisement which, in the sole opinion of the Association, relates to a business opportunity or job offer that is not legitimate.
  4. Any advertisement that is considered by the Association, in its sole discretion, to be offensive or discriminatory.
  5. Any advertisement for an unlawful product or service, or which makes undocumented claims with respect to a product or service.
  6. The Association will not knowingly publish any advertisement that is illegal, misleading, or offensive to its readers
  7. Final word count for any advertisement will be determined solely by the Association
  1. Advertisers are solely responsible for checking published advertisements. If there is an error in a published advertisement, please report it immediately to the Association. The Association will make every effort to ensure that the ad is correct; however, the Association will not be held liable for any damages arising out of errors or omissions
  2. Small errors in advertisements that do not lessen the value of the advertisement, in the sole opinion of the Association, will not be corrected and an advertisement will not be re-run. The Association will only agree to re-run advertisement where significant errors are made. Whether an error is significant will be determined solely by the Association. For greater certainty, re-runs will be limited to the two following situations.
    1. If a participating member newspaper makes a significant error in the publishing of an advertisement, that advertisement will be re-run in the participating member newspaper, upon written request from the advertiser
    2. If there is a significant error in an advertisement arising out of the transmission of the advertisement to the Association by facsimile, email, or through the Internet, the advertisement will be re-run by the Association, upon written request from the advertiser

10. The Association shall not be liable for any damages whether direct, indirect, punitive, incidental or consequential arising from the use of this website or from the inability to use this website.