The Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association was established in 1914. Our job is to offer a convenient and cost effective way to buy advertising, place classifieds or issue a press release to our member newspapers all across Saskatchewan and the North West Territories.

Our 61 member newspapers not only reflect life in the communities they serve, they are a central part of Saskatchewan’s and the North West Territories’ unique lifestyle. Every week our member papers connect with over 500,000 readers across Saskatchewan.

Our mission is simple. SWNA can take you to every community in the province, conveniently and cost effectively. All it takes is one call to the SWNA office at 306.382.9683.

2020 Better Newspapers Competition

The 2020 call for nominations is now open. Submissions will be accepted until January 22, 2020. For further information click here.

SPOT Fake News

Don’t believe everything you read. Fake news and disinformation are serious concerns for Canadians. In September, newspapers across the country started running a small space, frequency print campaign to educate readers and help them build a media literacy habit using the new SPOT tool. Watch the new, animated video, produced by News Media Canada to learn how to SPOT fake news and stop it in its tracks. Visit spotfakenews.ca for further information.